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Tiffins and Thots

Need and Convenience

With the growing urban population and the long hours spent at work by working couples, it has become increasingly difficult to manage cooking at home. While the middle class and the upper middle class today can afford employing a cook or ordering food from restaurants, these options too have their own limitation.

Home cooked meals is any time healthier and price effective than restaurant food.

However employing cook (house maid) would mean training her to cook meals as per our taste, keeping track on hygiene and nutrition, managing the weekly groceries and most important managing manpower related issues – absenteeism, lack of skilled resources etc. With better access to education in cities, over a decade, hiring cost effective manpower at home will be a challenge since workforce will become more educated and organised.

Tiffins and Thots

Food Safety

With training and certification we ensure food is cooked to retain majority of its nutritional components. We do not add soda, artificial colors, flavors and other processing agents. By serving freshly cooked meals we ensure food safety standards and more importantly freshness is served to our consumers

Tiffins and Thots

Health and Nutrition

the  humble Indian Thali brought to you in a Tiffin is a composite and wholesome meal which is basically a combinations of rice, dal , sabzi , curries (sprouts, pulses or paneer) served with whole wheat chapati. What contributes to its richness is inclusion of many spices, pulses and rice, not forgetting its variety of flavours and colours which are what make this cuisine so unique. Being generally low in fat, high in vegetables, fruit and lean meat, an Indian diet has many health benefits.

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