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Tiffins and Thots

Gender Equality

It is our endeavour to empower women and help them start their own tiffin venture. We support women from lesser privileged sections with space for kitchen and technology platform for market access. For women from educated, middle income group tiffin venture is matter of self esteem and pride given their culinary skills and symbolic of aspiration and financial independence over financial security.

Tiffins and Thots

Decent Work and Economic Growth

We strive to work with other communities as part of our value chain and hence progress for us is holistic and not just in terms of financial returns. Be it the vegetable vendors, fisherwomen or Mumbai’s very own Dabbawala, we work as an extended team to deliver inclusive progress

Tiffins and Thots

Sustainable Consumption and Production

A tiffin which comprises of farm produced in form of wheat, pulses, rice, sprouts and veggies or poultry focuses on what is the basic requirement of Indian consumer. We do not add extra fat or offer additional freebies to encourage over consumption or additional work-out in the gym! We encourage our consumers to follow limited wholesome diet plan based on their metabolism and nature of work

Tiffins and Thots

Good Health and Well being for People

  • High in a wide variety of vegetables means more of fibres, vitamins and other nutrients
  • High in a variety of spices and herbs, such as ginger and coriander. E.g. Garlic features greatly in Indian cooking, which is said to be good for the heart, as do chillies, which are good for the immune system and metabolism.
  • Low in saturated fat. Infact Indian dishes often use vegetable, sesame and peanut oil rather than butter, which keeps them lower in saturated fat.
  • High in fibre. Whole wheat chapati are rich source of vitamin (B1, B2, B3, B6, and B9), iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium etc. Vitamin E and soluble fibre
Tiffins and Thots

Zero Hunger

We are associated with Robinhood Army and Roti Bank and this helps us ensure freshly cooked food does not go waste. If our monthly subscribers decide to skip their meals, they inform us and we immediately distribute the untouched tiffin to someone in need of food through our trusted network.

Tiffins and Thots

Safeguard Our Environment

We are trying our bit to safeguard our environment. We are proud of our dabbawallas who deliver tiffin through use of trains and bicycles. Our evening or B2B deliveries are using pooling concept to avoid carbon footprints. Thanks to our subscribers and consumers who plan their meals we are able to map the route and delivery food effectively.


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