Party Thots

Healthy multicuisine party food

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Tiffins And More

Healthy meals to offices & homes

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Tiffins on a Plate

Healthy Snacks to Corporates

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Our Chief Officers

Kanta Kathe

Stays with her husband at Vikhroli village. Her dream is to buy a small house in distant suburbs of Mumbai.

Vinita Mulam

Stays with her husband, daughter and son. Her dream is to see her children complete their graduation and work in good organisation.

Shubhangi Potdar

Stays with her mother and 2 sons in Jogeshwari. Her dream is to invest in a better house where both her sons can settle post their marriage.

Pradnya Pawar

Stays with her husband and son who is pursuing his under graduation. Her dream is to set up her own venture closer home where she can pursue her passion for cooking and save on travel time.

Tiffins with Thots in every urban home - Home Cooked, Healthy, Hygienic, Happy Meals

Life is Beautiful when Progress is Inclusive.

Addressing Inclusive growth and consumer need for healthy home cooked meals in metros.

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